Wednesday, 25 April 2007

THE BLACKHEART GANG: The Concise Overview of The Household

As another prelude to the upcoming series of interviews with the creators of The Tale of How, here is the official rundown of the Blackheart Gang's universe:

The Household is a fantastical realm deep within the earth inhabited by fantasy and extinct creatures like dodos, mammoths, teddy bears, talking pandas, sentient hills, and a white mouse who is an engineer. The function of The Household is to purify our bath water and to make soap.

Stories from the household are referred to as histories. The first released history, The Tale of How, is actually the second in the The Dodo Trilogy. In the upcoming history, The Tale of Then, we’ll witness the beginnings of Otto in the days when he was a lovelorn hill on a farm outside Prague in the year 900. In love with a goat herder girl who plants a tree on his head, Otto’s love ends in a tragedy that leads him to his ocean home from which we see him in The Tale of How.

In The Tale of How, we see the blossoming of the piranhas(Dodos) from the flowers of the tree planted on Otto’s head so many years before. Otto isn’t at all pleased and being insane, he eats the piranhas. We are also introduced to the very clever and wise Eddy the Engineer, a white mouse with flowers for a tail who sails around on a bunch of bananas and a spoon. With Eddy’s help, the piranhas escape Otto.

Otto has now become the island which is now known as Maurtius.

The Dodo Trilogy forms an intricate part of an even greater tale called, like the universe in which it is set, The Household. The third installment is entitled The Tale of When. The second trilogy will be The Bear Histories.

The Tale of How is available to download HERE and more information is available in previous posts HERE and HERE.

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