Wednesday, 4 April 2007

100proof + TRUTH MAGAZINE (It's Free)

This is a gem. This site and the magazine Truth (evolved from 1percent) are chock full of thought-provoking work provided at no cost. Not since going to the Squatter's Caf in London or Domsey's in Brooklyn have I thought this is too good to be true and that was just cheap, this is free.

Truth Magazine is full of photography, street art, paintings, poetry, digital art, philosophy, and design from an international assembly of artists. Released quarterly, Truth is on its second issue and again, it's FREE. The crew aim to inspire artists at every level without the pressure of wanting to be rich and famous. "Thou shalt think for yourselves" And here's an idea, perhaps some of you out there might want to contribute to the third issue? Just a thought.

On top of the magazine, 100proof's website has a "Free shit for y'all" section with even more free stuff. Don't miss the movies. Also, buy yourself a copy of their Blek le Rat DVD and support the cause while getting the digs on street art from one of the originals.

Ree Treweek(See HERE) has a nice print in issue two of Truth and I'll be using all my charms to get interviews with the artists involved; stay tuned. They've found some great up and coming artists that deserve the exposure.

Be on the lookout for my interview in the coming weeks with King Adz, the editor and creative director of the project.

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