Wednesday, 4 April 2007

David Cabrera's MUmorning

This is David's first complete creation in Photoshop. I first discovered this at CGTalk and you can see the original thread where he posted this piece HERE. From the design of the coffee pot and stool, the colour palette, pose, narrative, and details; it's brilliant. Unfortunately, David doesn't have any other work online or a website. I should have more info in the coming days.

David currently works at Kandor Graphics in Granada, Spain.

And here are some details and progress paintings.

click image to enlarge
click image to enlarge
(Thanks for the help, David.)


Alena said...

Is there any way to contact David Cabrera personally? I really would like to sculpt this character, but want to ask for his permission to do so!! If anyone can help me out in knowing how to get a hold of him, I'd greatly appreciate it!! Awesome character design and painting! :)

Blue Sky Studios

Siouxfire said...

You can contact David either through Blue Sky Studios or through personal messaging on CGTalk. Hope that helps.

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