Thursday, 12 April 2007

FELICE VARINI's "3 Ellipses for 3 Locks"

Felice Varini's work plays on perspective and perception. This piece was commissioned by arts agency CBAT for the Cardiff Harbour Authority. From any angle, the work is interesting but from one point, the seemingly random lines converge to form a whole.

I always liked the concept of hidden images. When I was growing up in Olympia, WA there was a piece of stencil graffiti that all at once looked exactly like a witch riding a broom and exactly like a raven. Unfortunately, it's now gone but it still lingers.

The idea that a casual observer could pass a piece like this and in an instant witness the convergence is a great one. Maybe it will encourage people to see differently and remark on the random "convergences" in daily life.

Felice Varini official site
Painted Rooms


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