Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Remember, remember the fifth of November...

The Guardian has a gallery with some great photography from last night as well as thorough coverage of events. Worth a look.

Barack Obama Wiki
Alex Ross

Saturday, 1 November 2008

More of DAMON ALBARN & JAMIE HEWLETT's MONKEY: Journey to the West

Since posting back in May 2007, Monkey: Journey to the West has continued the opera and released the accompanying album as well as the videos embedded below. It's about as close as a person can get to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory in real life.
"After a phenomenally successful run wowing audiences and critics in Manchester, Paris, Charleston and the Royal Opera House Monkey now finds a new home in London as the production roars its way to the 02 for its’ next incredible outing.

Take a trip down the Thames and immerse yourself in Monkey’s World, a brand new event space situated in the Meridian Gardens next to the O2 centre where a bespoke theatre has been created especially by the Monkey team to host this kaleidoscope of incredible animation, spectacular visual effects, acrobatics and martial arts."

Monkey: Journey to the West
Monkey: Journey to the West (SiouxWIRE)
Monkey: Journey to the West (Wiki)
BBC Imagine features

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

MAN OF LA MANCHA: The Impossible Dream

The film isn't perfect; it's a musical with some off-kilter, retro Bollywood-style dubbing but this scene works. The performance, the song, the tone, the set... it has taken a permanent place in me since seeing it 25 years ago.

Man of La Mancha Soundtrack (Varèse Sarabande)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Rageh Omaar's ISLAM IN AMERICA: The American Crescent

Rageh Omar's fascinating documentary Islam in America has been put online by Aljazeera. It makes for an apt accompaniment to Colin Powell's recent comments:
"Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no, that's not America.

"Is there something wrong with some seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president? Yet, I have heard senior members of my own party drop the suggestion - 'he's a Muslim and he might be associated with terrorists'. This is not the way we should be doing it in America."

Aljazeera (YouTube)
Aljazeera magazine
Rageh Omaar profile (BBC)
Rageh Omaar Wiki
Rageh Omaar interview (Guardian)

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

THE PENNY DREADFULS - Victorian Sketch Comedy Troupe

"The Penny Dreadfuls are Humphrey Ker, David Reed and Thom Tuck, who together present their splendid brand of Victorian comedy, centering around the world of noted Victorian explorer and dandy, Aeneas Faversham."

Here is a sample of their work:
The sound was recorded on the finest wax cylinders in front of an audience of living souls. The moving images are an artist's impression of the events as they unfolded that fateful evening. This film is brought to you by the magic of electrons. And also by Mr. Humphrey Ker, Mr. David Reed and Mr. Thom Tuck. Animation is by Mr. Tim Sagar.

The Penny Dreadfuls
The Penny Dreadfuls (MySpace)
Aeneas Faversham blog
The Penny Dreadfuls Wiki
More Brothers Faversham (BBC Radio 7)

Monday, 20 October 2008


This one caught me off guard. Glen Campbell's cover of the Foo Fighters' "Times Like These" is brilliant in an entirely different vein from the original. From his new album, Meet Glen Campbell which obviously takes inspiration from Johnny Cash's latter covers.

The album is a strange beast as I'm not a fan of Campbell's older work and dislike a number of the songs he's covering but the combination alters both to such an extent that it takes on a new and wonderful life.

Friday, 10 October 2008

BANKSY's Manhattan Menagerie

Banksy has set up a pet shop in Manhattan("The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill") featuring fish sticks in fish bowls, sausages as hamsters, a monkey staring blankly at a television and other oddities.

New York Times
Wooster Collective
The Independent

* image: detail from photo by Robert Stolarik for The New York Times

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I just discovered spoken word artist Ainsley Burrows from Saatchi & Saatchi's latest advert for Guinness(with visual work from Shilo).

Poem for Obama

Here's an excerpt from his MySpace...
Internationally acclaimed poet, Ainsley Burrows has performed at festivals, cafés and institutions across Europe, America, Canada and the Caribbean, receiving numerous awards. These include Best International Performer of 2001 and 2002 from the Farrago Poetry Café in London, Munich’s International Poetry Slam Championship award in 2001 and awards from the Nuyorican Poet’s Café in 2001 (for participating in the National team) and the in 2004 (for being the Coach of the National team). In addition, Ainsley has conducted many workshops from London’s Hackney Community College to New York’s Julliard School of Music.

Ainsley Burrows MySpace
Ainsley Burrow profile (Poetry Slam)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

DAVID GALLO: Underwater Astonishments

Oceanic explorer and ambassador David Gallo presents some beautiful imagery and fascinating insight into the deep sea in the following pair of talks from the TED series.


The retrospective book of Han Hoogerbrugge's work not only displays his creations along with a handy DVD but also outlines his work process. I'm quite surprised that I haven't included his work earlier in the Wire, but for the unitiated, he is principally known for his animation works such as Modern Living, Flow, and Nails as well as his graphic/animated web series Prostress.

From Submarine Channel, publishers of the new book:
We're proud to present a coffee table book/DVD about the unparalleled work of one of the most original artists-slash-animators currently active on the web: Han Hoogerbrugge. The 200-page book covers all aspects of Hoogerbrugge's work and career: from the early beginnings of the Neurotica web series, up to Hotel, Nails and his commissioned works, such as illustrations, music videos and idents. Hoogerbrugge finally reveals how he makes his animations - comic strip style - in the chapter "How does he do it?"

Hoogerbrugge book
Modern Living
prostress 2.0
Interview (Submarine Channel)

Monday, 6 October 2008

Featurette: DEVON ODER

Los Angeles' Devon Oder has some lovely work in her portfolio making use of the now sadly defunct Polaroid instamatic film. See more of her work HERE.

Devon Oder(
Devon Oder review - The Oregonian (source)

Friday, 3 October 2008


I enjoy the way the tilt-shift photographic technique can make a scene both real and surreal in the same breath. Ben Thomas' images are a good example. Other tilt-shift links HERE & HERE, and or see other miniature work HERE.

It's worth noting that a good number of people like to take credit for the technique despite the fact that it's been around for nearly four decades. I've noticed similar claims of "discovery" for light painting as well. Oh well. While I'm charmed by these images, I have yet to see anyone push the technique beyond the realm of novelty.

tilt-shift links
tilt-shift Wiki
tilt-shift (Cheapshooter)
Build a cheap tilt-shift lens (CreativePro)
Fake tilt-shift using Photoshop
Creative Review blog (source)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

KONDOURA's Miniature Railways

Having recently put together a model railroad for my son's fifth birthday, I discovered the intriguing work of Japanese enthusiast Kondoura whose creations are inspirationally individual. Throughout his blog, there are images of the places that have inspired Kondoura as well as the creations themselves and it's fascinating how much character and sense-of-place he is able to invest in his work.

Kondoura - blog (Japanese)
Kondoura (YouTube)
Kondoura (Japanese)

Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Founded by Ahndraya Parlato, Art for Obama is an online auction of photographs to benefit; one of the most effective advocacy groups for the Obama campaign, who is also involved in respectful, and progressive issues that concern us all.

The collection brings together a satisfying and eclectic group of artists.

Fifty of the country's most prominent artists and photographers have donated their work for this cause. The auction will launch on October 1st and will run for one week. All proceeds from the auction will go to the Obama Campaign, to the Democratic National Committee and to non-profit organizations such as, which are currently devoting their energy to helping the Obama campaign. Proceeds will be distributed in strict accordance with Federal Election Commission regulations.
The ART FOR OBAMA Photo Auction will start tomorrow (Wednesday, October 1, 2008) at 5pm EST(US) HERE and will continue through to the 10 October.

Art for Obama
Ahndraya Parlato (SiouxWIRE interview)

Friday, 26 September 2008


A light hearted diversion from the collapse of the global economy...

Perhaps the fight for truth, justice, and the Turkish way is more your thing...

The 1971 Turkish remake of The Wizard of Oz is worth a look and it's definitely not in Kansas...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

GLEN MARSHALL's Digital Poetry

Glen Marshall has some interesting short films in his portfolio making use of autonomous programs of his own creation that are navigated by his specifications and sound. His first independent film for the Irish Film Board, Butterfly garnered a lot of attention following its creation in 2002.

Glen went onto create a video for Peter Gabriel in 2003 for his track "The Drop" and recently completed Music is Math which he describes as follows:
This is the HD and finished version of my video ‘Music Is Math’. I just let the program run till the end of the music, I felt reluctant to interfere too much by trying to sculpt an ending, and just let the code run its own natural course.

Butterfly: Glen Marshall Computer Art
Glen Marshall Vimeo
Glen Marshall MySpace
Music is Math. Cartoon Brew (Source)

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Introducing: CHEN WEI

Ch’ng Yaohong's blog recently featured the fascinating work of Chen Wei. Born in 1980, Zhejiang province. China, Chen Wei currently lives and works in Hangzhou, China. His Kafka-esque images have blurred, hinted narratives that skate between menace and whimsy with rich compositions and muted palettes.

Chen Wei
Chen Wei - Asian Photography Blog (source)

Saturday, 20 September 2008


From Sony VAIO's Online Script Project, "Snow Angel" is a short animation based on a script started by John Malkovich and animated by Laurie J. Proud of Sherbet. Watch it below or visit our friend Dek at NoFatClips! for further download options.
"The project started with a scene from John Malkovich. He invited visitors to continue the story and chose three winning entries. Our script was complete – you can read it here. Then we moved on to a new stage, working with an animator to make the transition from words into visions. Now you can see how the script lives on in his dramatic creation. Watch as, with a few bold strokes, the characters come to life. And see how the story unfolds... We hope you enjoy the show."

Sony VAIO Online Script Project
Snow Angel - No Fat Clips! (source)
Laurie J. Proud
John Malkovich Wiki

Friday, 19 September 2008

CHARLIE KAUFMAN's trailer for "Synecdoche, New York"

Charlie Kaufman is consistently interesting if not always successful in his daring scripts. His directorial debut Synecdoche, New York is high on my list of films to see. Produced by Anthony Bregman, Charlie Kaufman, Spike Jones, Kimmell. Executive producers, William Horberg, Bruce Toll, Ray Angelic. Directed, written by Charlie Kaufman.

From the press pack:

A figure of speech in which:

A Part is used for the Whole
The Screen for Movies

A Whole stands for a Part
The Law for Police

A Species (specific kind)
stands for its Genus (general kind)
Cutthroats for Assassins

A Genus stands in for its Species
Creature for Person

A Material stands for a Thing
Ivories for Piano Keys

See the trailer HERE or click below.

Reading Charlie Kaufman's Next Project (LA Times)
Variety review


I find Wlodzimierz Ksiazek's paintings refreshing though I will grant that their nameless forms are somewhat confounding (empty?) vessels open to individual interpretation.

Wlodzimierz Ksiazek
Wlodzimierz Ksiazek (Kouros Gallery)
Wlodzimierz Ksiazek
Painting as its own being (James McCorkle - Artnet)
Sustained Abstraction (Donald Kuspit - Artnet)
Layered Mimesis (A.C. Frabetti - ArtsEditor)
Signs of Humanity (Christopher Todd Lynch - ArtsEditor)

Dekoju 2HORA

New work from 2hora in Vilnius, Lithuania. This peach warmed my bramble-covered, anthropomorphic-loving heart. A little diversion for Friday.

Wooster Collective (source - 10Sep08)
Dubstep - 2hora

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Are you AFRAID? Or are you liberal?

Science have published what looks to be an interesting report in regard to political views and physiology. The abstract is below and a good (layman's) overview is available on the BBC HERE.
"Although political views have been thought to arise largely from individuals' experiences, recent research suggests that they may have a biological basis. We present evidence that variations in political attitudes correlate with physiological traits. In a group of 46 adult participants with strong political beliefs, individuals with measurably lower physical sensitivities to sudden noises and threatening visual images were more likely to support foreign aid, liberal immigration policies, pacifism, and gun control, whereas individuals displaying measurably higher physiological reactions to those same stimuli were more likely to favor defense spending, capital punishment, patriotism, and the Iraq War. Thus, the degree to which individuals are physiologically responsive to threat appears to indicate the degree to which they advocate policies that protect the existing social structure from both external (outgroup) and internal (norm-violator) threats."
** To read the full report requires subscription or one-off payment ($10)

Political Attitudes Vary with Physiological Traits (Science)
Science Journal
Political views all in the mind (BBC)


Jeremy Geddes who is well known for illustrating the comic Doomed has been working on a compelling new series of paintings which feature a weightless cosmonaut in urban settings. Beyond the obvious technical ability at play here and aesthetic sense, I can't help but feel there's something more profound lingering under the surface.

Jeremy Geddes Art
Jeremy Geddes Blog
Jeremy Geddes (MySpace)
Doomed (IDW Publishing)
Jeremy Geddes - Fabrik Project (source)

YUMIKO MATSUI's paper craft city representations

I seem to be drawn toward dioramas recently and Yumiko Matsui's work is the latest to catch my eye. Here is an excerpt from her site:
"As we all know, There is much brutality and violence around the world. Everything can change in a moment, a happy, peaceful day can be destroyed in a second by things that are not in our control.

I used to be influenced by this continual potential for disastrous change and I felt compelled to paint what might be called a borderline:the line between light and dark, black and white, good and evil...etc. The way to express this was through abstract drawings and surrealism. But I have changed and I have begun to focus on a more happier aspect of life since I moved here to NYC.

I have been making paper sculpture since 2006. The catalyst for this change was seeing dollhouses created by my aunt with her husband when I retuned home to Japan on vacation. I realized I really like miniature worlds.

Therefore,I have been working on miniature world lately. My miniature worlds are patterned after Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. I, myself, am from Osaka, and I fold and glue pieces of colored paper to create 3D effect."
Yumiko Matsui's homepage
Paper City - Mixed Green Gallery (NYC)
Yumiko Matsui (ArtSlant)
Yumiko Matsui (Kyubidou Gallery - Tokyo)
Yumiko Matsui (カンナの花のように)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

BANRI's intriguing OSAKA Fotolog

Banri's Ozaka fotolog has some wildly varied though consistently good photographic work. The text is in Japanese but at the bottom of each entry there are arrows ( < > ) to navigate forward and back as well as a calendar in the left margin.

Also have a look at his website and Flickr photostream.

Ozaka - fotolog
Banri Photography
Banri's Photostream (Flickr)
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