Tuesday, 7 October 2008


The retrospective book of Han Hoogerbrugge's work not only displays his creations along with a handy DVD but also outlines his work process. I'm quite surprised that I haven't included his work earlier in the Wire, but for the unitiated, he is principally known for his animation works such as Modern Living, Flow, and Nails as well as his graphic/animated web series Prostress.

From Submarine Channel, publishers of the new book:
We're proud to present a coffee table book/DVD about the unparalleled work of one of the most original artists-slash-animators currently active on the web: Han Hoogerbrugge. The 200-page book covers all aspects of Hoogerbrugge's work and career: from the early beginnings of the Neurotica web series, up to Hotel, Nails and his commissioned works, such as illustrations, music videos and idents. Hoogerbrugge finally reveals how he makes his animations - comic strip style - in the chapter "How does he do it?"

Hoogerbrugge book
Modern Living
prostress 2.0
Interview (Submarine Channel)

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