Monday, 17 June 2013

SiouxWIRE is dead, long live SiouxWIRE!


It has been almost 7 years since SiouxWIRE first appeared on MySpace blogs before moving here to Blogger. In that time, I've made countless friends and had lots of support from the Blogger community for which I'll always be grateful. However, the site has grown along with my aspirations for the site and because of this, SiouxWIRE will be moving onto its own server with an immense overhaul in its overall structure. I go into the hows and whys over HERE. Have a look at the site and you'll have some idea of my motivation.

So what's happening here? Well, not much. I have no plans to remove the site for now and it will remain where it is though without the domain or updates. It's essentially in mothballs as the new site absorbs more and more of its content and churns up its own new cornucopia of goodness. Essentially, this post is that scene in the film where the protagonist seems to be dead but really isn't. (Or maybe antagonist if you're thinking of a typical slasher film.) This site is dead but SiouxWIRE lives on.

Much thanks for all your support and get over to SiouxWIRE; the party continues.


* not really.
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