Thursday, 5 June 2008

Lost WEEGEE Photographs found in Kentucky yard sale

An incredibly diverse collection of photographs and letters by Weegee has been discovered at a yard sale in Kentucky. A total of 210 black and white prints along with letters and clothes bundled in an zebra-striped trunk were found by two women in 2003 who took them along to a rare documents dealer leading to the announcement this week that the Indianapolis Museum of Art has acquired new work and correspondence by Weegee.

New York Times
Slide Show (NY Times)
Weegee Wiki
Weegee's World
Lee Gallery
Indianapolis Museum of Art

Sunday, 1 June 2008


When I think of collage, I typically think of elaborate, gothic works incorporating samples from a wealth of images but John Stezaker's work while economical with the source material is more profound than one would imagine.

John Stezaker (The Saatchi Gallery)
John Stezaker (The Approach)
John Stezaker (Tate Britain)
John Stezaker (Frieze Magazine)
John Stezaker (MoMA)
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