Friday, 28 March 2008


Another tasty lozenge for Friday. This is the video for Leonard Cohen's My Secret Life produced by Revolver Films and directed by Floria Sigismondi. The flash version is available below or alternatively right click on THIS LINK and save it to your hard drive for the higher quality Quicktime version.

The song is typically great Leonard Cohen and though the video is interesting, it doesn't entirely mesh with the music. That said, both elements stand quite well on their own even if they don't entirely compliment eachother. By definition, I suppose that makes the video a failure yet I'm still drawn towards its imagery; interesting nonetheless.

Leonard Cohen
Floria Sigismondi
Revolver Films
Leonard Cohen Wiki
Floria Sigismondi Wiki

**Thanks to Brody_Dalle at Antville videos


Betty C. said...

Oh, I really can't bear this video -- or most music videos for that matter. I find it ludicrous -- so failed, yes, definitely.

It's not the image/music combination that bothers me because I'm crazy about film soundtracks, and I like some image artists' attempts to illustrate their own videos with music. But trying to "define" a song through a video generally ruins the song for me.

Siouxfire said...

I know what you mean though there are some videos where the music compliments the video and vice-versa. Having thought about it, I quite like this particular video better in stills. There's a vague, mysterious narrative to them but as a video, it loses that and paired with trying to meet Leonard Cohen's mastery, it looks that much worse for the comparison.

Betty C. said...


I can see what you mean about stills -- that would give a totaly different impression.

It's also true that I'm just not of the MTV generation...

Siouxfire said...

I think it depends on how a video is approached as well. If you've already heard the song, it can be difficult. It's a bit like reading a book and seeing the movie afterwards.

It makes it that much harder to match expectations when our own minds have forged their own impressions.

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