Monday, 17 March 2008


Jochem Hendricks highly conceptual pieces have a playful quality reminiscent of compatriot Rebecca Horn. Jochem has used a wide variety of media and methods including painting, sculpture, eye drawings using a specially designed interface, taxidermy, performance, and lawbreaking.

Exploring the boundaries of society, testing them and crossing them, he seems to be asking us to question societal paradigms as well as hisself. For example, his work 3,281,579 grains of sand is based on his affirmation that he has counted the individual grains of sand. Did he really? Can it be proven? Does it really matter?

Links: (English)
Guardian Unlimited article (2 September 2007)
Media Art Net (Eye Drawings)
Interview with Jochem Hendricks (Yuki Aruga)

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