Friday, 21 March 2008


Matthew Barney has described his motivation for his Drawing Restraint series as a means of exploring the concept that “resistance as a prerequisite for development and a vehicle for creativity.” As the series has progressed, it has become increasingly fascinating, unpredictable and at times frustrating.

On entering Yale University, his original intention was to study medicine but his interests turned toward art and in 1989, he received his B.A.. His work would quickly garner Barney considerable amounts of praise and controversy.

Working with film, video, installations, sculpture, photography, drawing and performance art, his approach is equally diverse and often times incorporates an element of resistance both in terms of physical impediments on himself and more subtle challenges to the viewer.

The following is an introduction to and interview with Matthew Barney filmed during the preparation of his exhibition for The Cremaster Cycle at Astrup Fearney Museum of Modern Art in Oslo.

The Cremaster Cycle
Drawing Restraint
Matthew Barney Wiki

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