Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Tokyo Plastic will soon be premiering their new short, The Electric Koi soon. If you haven't seen their work or recently explored their site, I highly recommend that you do so. The studio was founded by Sam Lanyon Jones and Drew Cope and excels in the innovative and odd.

Despite many of their animations being available on YouTube, the interactive element involved is so vital to the effect that I've simply left them out of this post with the exception of what you see below. Click on any of the pictures or the link below to visit and explore their site.

Short clip for Zune

Tokyo Plastic
Tokyo Plastic (BBC Film Network)
My Plastic Heart (TP merchandise)
Interview (Jaded Expressions)
Interview (Swiftdev)
D&AD Interview (YouTube)
Tokyo Plastic Toys (Tokyo Cube)
Sam Lanyon Jones
Nick Faber, music

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