Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Featurette: REBECCA HORN

Rebecca Horn's works have a consistent thread through them with her creations taking what preceeded it and developing the concepts. Creating installations, performances, films, sculptures, drawings, and photographs, her early explorations between body and space still echo in her latest work.

At 20, Rebecca contracted severe lung poisoning. Living in seclusion at a sanatorium, this isolation was compounded by the death of her parents. Working from her bed, she started working with coloured pencils and developed the first of her body extensions from balsa wood and cloth.

Returning to Hamburg Academy, she further developed the body extensions for which she is most known creating cocoon-like wraps, elongated and supplemental limbs as well as performances built around these creations. And despite her methodical approach, she hasn't been averse to whimsy or humour which adds to weightless, ethereal feel to some of her works.

Rebecca Horn (official site)
Rebecca Horn Wiki
The Bionic Woman (Guardian Unlimited)
Rebecca Horn at the Tate Modern

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