Friday, 29 June 2007

Introducing CAM ARCHER

Cam Archer has created several shorts, music videos and collections of photographs over the years. His feature debut, Wild Tigers I Have Known premiered at the Sundance Film Festival 2006 and was executive produced by Gus Van Sant. It's story of adolescent longing has been well received and comparisons have been made to Kenneth Anger's debut, Fireworks.

In his earlier shorts, American Fame Pt.1: Drowning River Phoenix and American Fame Pt.2: Forgetting Jonathan Brandis, he explored fame and its pressures on youth. Lydia Lunch narrates on both.

His other short films include Godly Boyish, The Cold Ones, and bobbycrush. His long time collaborator Aaron Platt shot all the films and was nominated this year for the Independent Spirit Awards for "Best Cinematography" for his work on Wild Tigers I Have Known.

Here is the trailer for Wild Tigers:

Cam Archer
Cam Archer Pics
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Wild Tigers I Have Known
Aaron Platt (cinematographer)
Wild Tigers MySpace
Stephanie Volkmar (costume designer - Wild Tigers)
Lydia Lunch
Gus Van Sant wiki


Betty C. said...

Forget Télérama, I get my cultural information from Siouxwire now...

Siouxfire said...

I'm flattered. Thank you.

There's an arts & culture television station from France called Mezzo that is very good. I know you don't have a television, but should you find yourself with access, it's worth checking out. I think they do a free magazine as well. Their site is:

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