Monday, 11 June 2007

Introducing JESCA HOOP

It's hard to pin down Jesca's music. It's like looking at a forest through an old aquarium with milk swimming into it. It's rhythms are askew and the lyrics are like vines and should my description (I'm terrible expressing music in words) be too vague, that's a compliment.

Tom Waits describes her and her music as follows:
"Jesca Hoop's music is like a four sided coin. She is an old soul, like a black pearl, a good witch or a red moon. Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night."

Hear her music at the links below or watch Linda Serbu's video for Jesca's single "Big Fish" below:

Big Fish (d
ir. Linda Serbu)

EDIT: The video for Money...


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