Monday, 25 June 2007

By way of whales... SWIM!

Swimming alongside the craft,
It tipped the raft
And the bottom of the sea
was like snow in moonlight

Putting these posts together, researching for interviews, seeking out new artists, answering questions, aimless wandering, and random links... I see patterns or reoccurring subjects. This week whales have been a regular marker on the path.

Not that I'm superstitious but I like to find some meaning in coincidence if only as an exercise in piecing together random parts. It's a means of looking in a different way. The found elements could each make for a post on their own but as a group, I'm presenting them as chance presented them to me albeit in an organised line-up.

Swim No. 1: Man & Whale

Swim No. 2: Drawing Restraint 9 from Matthew Barney

Here is the trailer for Drawing Restraint 9:

Swim No. 3: Moby Dick from Orson Welles

Kenneth Tynan described Orson Welles' interpretation of Melville's Moby Dick as follows:
Mauled by a whale: On Orson Welles' Moby Dick
At this stage of his career, it is absurd to expect Mr Orson Welles to attempt anything less than the impossible. Mere possible things, like Proust or War and Peace, would confine him. He must choose Moby Dick, whose setting is the open sea, whose hero is more mountain than man and more symbol than either, and whose villain is the supremely unstageable whale. He must take as his raw material Melville's prose, itself as stormy as the sea it speaks of, with a thousand wrecked metaphors clinging on its surface to frail spars of sense. Yet out of all these impossibilities, Mr Welles has fashioned a piece of pure theatrical megalomania: a sustained assault on the senses which dwarfs anything London has seen since, perhaps, the Great Fire. (June 19, 1955) - source: Guardian Unlimited
And here is a clip of Orson Welles...

Swim No. 4: The Collapse of Intelligent Design

Swim No. 5: Enjoying the Etymology of Whales


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