Friday, 29 June 2007

The Cycle of the Salmon

Very soon, I will be returning for an extended sojourn to my hometown of Olympia, Washington, USA. In the time running up to this, I will be somewhat preoccupied with making the necessary arrangements so postings may become somewhat haphazard (or at least more than usual).

From the Alaska Department of Fish & Game:
(Commercial Fisheries Management and Development Staff)
Sockeye salmon are anadromous: they live in the sea and enter freshwater systems to spawn. After hatching, juvenile sockeye salmon may spend up to four years in fresh water before migrating to sea as silvery smolt weighing only a few ounces. They grow quickly in the sea, usually reaching a size of 4 to 8 pounds after one to four years. Mature sockeye salmon travel thousands of miles from ocean feeding areas to spawn in the same freshwater system where they were born. Little is known about the navigation mechanisms or cues they use on the high seas, although some evidence suggests that they may be able to use cues from the earth's magnetic field. Once near their natal freshwater system, sockeye salmon use olfactory cues to guide them home.

And in this short, an important question is asked. "Do you love me, Olympia?"

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