Monday, 4 June 2007

SiouxWIRE Snippets 3.0

Another week, another collection of snippets from the net.

How I Spent the War - A recruit in Waffen S. S.
Günter Grass, The New Yorker
A fascinating and frank insight into Günter Grass.

Eliciting Poignancy
Jim Johnson, (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography
An interesting example of how a photographer and/or editor can manipulate the impact of an image. (source: Conscientious)

How To
Be An Alaskan Fisherman
Corey Arnold, Fecal Face
A cross between a how-to guide, travel journal, and photo log. Just what it says on the tin.

A Hell of an Experience
Leon Vitalli/Jamie Stewart, The Reeler
Insight from actor and long time Stanley Kubrick collaborator Leon Vitalli.

Filming Frank Gehry
Sydney Pollack, Guardian Unlimited
Pollack's observations and realisations while working on the documentary 'Sketches of Frank Gehry' with commentary on the pitfalls of depending on world opinion for validation.

Khaela Maricich Interview
Miranda July, The Believer
A confectionary from Miranda July. What is the Blow?

The Eighth Samurai: Tatsuya Nakadai
Chuck Stephens, Criterion
A look back at the five decade long career of Japanese screen legend Tatsuya Nakadai.

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