Sunday, 3 June 2007


I've harped on and on about being open to a variety of arts, but it goes deeper than just experiencing a broad range of creations. It's about achieving a balance and surprising oneself in life. Everyone should shake up their routine now and then.

Looking at the last several posts, I can see things falling into a kind of vague uniformity and so as the first of a series of Seven Bands posts, here is a diverse(so give em all a try) selection of bands falling somewhere in the circle of alternative and/or punk country. And if any of you have any recommendations, post a comment.

Seven Bands:
Some Dogs
Tennessee Twin
Leonard & Bubba's Delicious Goo-Goo Cluster
Too Damn Country
Dustmans Custard
Hayseed Dixie
Reverend Horton Heat

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