Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Craig Zobel's COMPLIANCE

Holy Motors is a difficult act to follow and again, I knew very little about Compliance before watching it. If you get frustrated with films where you feel people are making terrible decisions, this is really going to test you beyond the limits. I could hardly sit through this. There's nothing graphic as such but the psychological tension is at times unbearable.

Did I like it? Yes, very much so and I look forward to seeing more from Craig Zobel but I doubt if I will ever feel the need to watch it again. That said, I am glad it exists and think it is required viewing. The performances are very good, naturalistic, convincing and the script handles the subject matter very well. It is taught and economic. It should be noted that the story is "inspired by true events" and this adds a lot of weight to the proceedings.

Were it not so, the film would still stand as a thesis on obedience, coercion and blind trust in established institutions. Fascinating, tense, and necessary.

Compliance (Official Site)
Compliance (Wiki)

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