Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Dominik Śmiałowski

I am impressed with Dominik Śmiałowski's portraits which have subtle hints of narrative that spill through into his more conceptual works. His body of work is prolific and this is difficult when I'm trying to put forward a representative sample of an artist's work. His site is full of diverse works divergent from the sample you see here and I highly recommended browsing through his site.

Dominik also was kind enough to hurdle language barriers and time to answer a few questions for me below.

Describe your equipment and your favourite camera/lens combination?
Equipment is the least important thing. For each project I choose a camera which suits the project.

What is your typical workflow and which part of the process do you find most difficult and which do you find most enjoyable? 
I like to press shutter button. I hate working in Photoshop, it's boring.
But I love the moment when the project begins to form a whole idea from its birth in my mind.

What non-photographic arts inspire you? And which photographer in the last 10 years inspired you?
Maybe it's weird but literature is for me the most inspiring thing. My books are all highlighted. I point out sentences that give me ideas.

Photographer whom I value most is Mariusz Hermanowicz. Three words about his photos: power of simplicity.

Which photograph or series of photos are you most proud? And which photograph would you mark out as a turning point in your development?
Difficult choice:) I like single photos, below 3 of which I am not ashamed.


The photography by which I knew that I was gonna be a photographer, my first conscious photos are HERE.

What catches your eye, makes you press the shutter button, sparks your imagination when you're wandering with your camera?
Deviations from the norm.

Dominik Śmiałowski
Dominik Śmiałowski (Behance)

All images used with the kind consent of Dominik Śmiałowski - All images © Dominik Śmiałowski 2013

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