Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SiouxWIRE Film Reviews

As you may have noticed, I've crossed the line into reviews with my recent posts and I thought I'd take the time to explain the reasoning behind it. First, my aim is to write reviews that are "spoiler free". I go into movies with as little knowledge as possible and I've found it strengthens the experience. When I enjoy a film, I would love for everyone to at least have the same chance of experiencing what I have and that requires that you too go into the film knowing as little as possible about the narrative. Beyond the basic premise and carefully chosen imagery, I'll only go into how I felt the film worked in broad terms and specifically in regard to performances, cinematography, scripting, and other aspects of the film that can be reviewed without spoiling the voyage of actually seeing the film.

The next point you may ask is how my opinion might matter more than anyone else. Well, it doesn't really. That said, I have seen an inordinate number of films. My estimate is just passing over 10,000 to date which is just under 2 years of my life based on films averaging out to be about 100 minutes. Now, this gives me a lot of reference with which to approach reviewing a film but it also means that my perspective is probably not in synch with many. Factor in the taste element of my reviews (or any review) and really, you should only take it as a guide. The bottom line is that these reviews are for me more than anyone else. I enjoy writing them and if anyone finds them helpful or interesting, that's a nice bonus.

My film viewing began in the 1970s as a child with an older sister who was very liberal about allowing me to rent and attend films well beyond my age. I saw The Shining at 10 years old in a cinema complete with David Lynchian red curtains and balcony. The smell of popcorn, the flickering light and sound of the projector, the art-deco cinemas and drive-ins... the movie theatre was my escape, a telescope that let me see beyond the horizon. That obsession with celluloid never ceased and the hunger never diminished.

Again, these reviews are written for me but I do hope that they serve to guide, inform, and entertain along the way but don't take them too seriously. And as always, feedback is always welcome.

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