Saturday, 20 September 2008


From Sony VAIO's Online Script Project, "Snow Angel" is a short animation based on a script started by John Malkovich and animated by Laurie J. Proud of Sherbet. Watch it below or visit our friend Dek at NoFatClips! for further download options.
"The project started with a scene from John Malkovich. He invited visitors to continue the story and chose three winning entries. Our script was complete – you can read it here. Then we moved on to a new stage, working with an animator to make the transition from words into visions. Now you can see how the script lives on in his dramatic creation. Watch as, with a few bold strokes, the characters come to life. And see how the story unfolds... We hope you enjoy the show."

Sony VAIO Online Script Project
Snow Angel - No Fat Clips! (source)
Laurie J. Proud
John Malkovich Wiki

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