Tuesday, 2 September 2008

MICHEL DE BROIN's "Superficial"

I'm just getting acquainted with Michel de Broin's work. The featured work here is Superficial, to which had the following to say:

"Upon invitation to reflect on the notion of transparency, that led me into the forest to envelop the contour of a large stone with fragments of mirror. The large stone, tucked away deep in the woods, became a reflective surface for its surroundings. In this play of splintered radiance, the rock disappears in its reflections. Because it reflects one cannot be mislead by its presence, yet we cannot seize it, rather it is the rock that reflects us."

Images of Michel de Broin's Superficial, Mirror, glue, cement / Vosges, Alsace, France 2004

Michel de Broin
Michel de Broin (Artnews)
Michel de Broin (VOX)

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