Friday, 19 September 2008

CHARLIE KAUFMAN's trailer for "Synecdoche, New York"

Charlie Kaufman is consistently interesting if not always successful in his daring scripts. His directorial debut Synecdoche, New York is high on my list of films to see. Produced by Anthony Bregman, Charlie Kaufman, Spike Jones, Kimmell. Executive producers, William Horberg, Bruce Toll, Ray Angelic. Directed, written by Charlie Kaufman.

From the press pack:

A figure of speech in which:

A Part is used for the Whole
The Screen for Movies

A Whole stands for a Part
The Law for Police

A Species (specific kind)
stands for its Genus (general kind)
Cutthroats for Assassins

A Genus stands in for its Species
Creature for Person

A Material stands for a Thing
Ivories for Piano Keys

See the trailer HERE or click below.

Reading Charlie Kaufman's Next Project (LA Times)
Variety review

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