Thursday, 18 September 2008

YUMIKO MATSUI's paper craft city representations

I seem to be drawn toward dioramas recently and Yumiko Matsui's work is the latest to catch my eye. Here is an excerpt from her site:
"As we all know, There is much brutality and violence around the world. Everything can change in a moment, a happy, peaceful day can be destroyed in a second by things that are not in our control.

I used to be influenced by this continual potential for disastrous change and I felt compelled to paint what might be called a borderline:the line between light and dark, black and white, good and evil...etc. The way to express this was through abstract drawings and surrealism. But I have changed and I have begun to focus on a more happier aspect of life since I moved here to NYC.

I have been making paper sculpture since 2006. The catalyst for this change was seeing dollhouses created by my aunt with her husband when I retuned home to Japan on vacation. I realized I really like miniature worlds.

Therefore,I have been working on miniature world lately. My miniature worlds are patterned after Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. I, myself, am from Osaka, and I fold and glue pieces of colored paper to create 3D effect."
Yumiko Matsui's homepage
Paper City - Mixed Green Gallery (NYC)
Yumiko Matsui (ArtSlant)
Yumiko Matsui (Kyubidou Gallery - Tokyo)
Yumiko Matsui (カンナの花のように)

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