Friday, 12 September 2008

OLIVIER CHABALIER's video for KID LOCO's "Pretty Boy Floyd"

I spotted this video over at Antville and while digging around for the credits, I found our friend Dek at No fat clips!!! had (as usual) beat me to the scoop. The video itself is a little rough around the edges and isn't particularly revolutionary but I like it. Director Olivier Chabalier and producers Sacrebleu have more work to view on their sites.

You can see it in high resolution Quicktime, MPEG-4, or OGG video as well as low resolution Flash below.

DIRECTOR Olivier Chabalier

PRODUCER Jean Yves Prieur (F.L.O.R 2008) / Sacrebleu

COMPOSITING Zaven Najjar, Nicolas Fuminier, Annaëlle Moreau, Olivier Chabalier 2D ANIMATION Payam Mofidi, Zaven Najjar, Annaëlle Moreau, François Lebras 3D ANIMATION François Lebras SPECIAL FX Nicolas Fuminier MATTE PAINTING Zaven Najjar, François Lebras ILLUSTRATION Milla Gajin SET MODELING Olivier Chabalier DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY ON THE SHOOT Boubkar Benzabat ANIMATION SUPERVISOR Sébastien Dabadie AFTER FX SUPERVISOR Claude Weiss

Olivier Chabalier
Kid Loco
No Fat Clips!!! (source)
Antville (source)

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