Saturday, 14 April 2007

Labels and Lack of "Art"

You may have noticed that I avoid the term 'art' as much as possible. In my experience, the best artists are those who could care less whether their work was labeled art. We each define art differently (if at all) and there is a never ending debate among people who seem to be compelled to force their definitions on others. I have never seen these arguments go anywhere.

Obviously, I have my own indefinable idea of what is art and what makes for good art like anyone else. Some feel its all down to aesthetics while others feel aesthetics hinder art. Some have a very instinct driven idea of art while others have strict definitions. Regardless of the variance between us all, I am hoping we can find common ground in the idea that exposure to as wide a range of work as possible can only be beneficial.

In case you haven't noticed, each post has a set of labels. You can filter the blog to any of these labels by clicking on them under the posts or in the listing on the right side of the page. I've left these as broad as possible. For example, image covers everything from traditional painting to graffiti and beyond. This is to encourage readers to come into contact with new material even through filtering.

Likewise, there is no classical, rock, jazz, or any other classification for music; it's simply "music". For the literature tag, this includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels. "CG" which at first seems very specific actually covers anything created by computer.

That said, there are specific tags. "Blog" refers to monologues such as this. "Video" marks any posts that have embedded video, "trailer" refers to posts which feature a trailer (typically for a film), "short" refers to short films, and "children" denotes content suitable for or about children.

Hopefully, this all makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for though I am hoping you acquaint yourselves to something new while browsing. That said, labels are evil if taken too seriously particularly when applied to people.


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