Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The Unusual Blend

The generous would call the mix of posts here a "cornucopia" and the less charitable would describe it as a mix of steak and ice cream. But the whole point is to post a series that encourages some of you to look into things you otherwise would have missed in the specialist sites and magazines out there.

The problem is that a few people give up at the first post and depending on when you visit it might be the latest news on a ballet or a showcase of graffiti artists or a blog entry like this one. I'm not expecting everyone to like everything; I think that in itself would be disturbing, but I do hope everyone at least tries a little bit of what I'm serving.

And because of this, it's turning out to be pretty difficult finding and keeping new readers. It started out with a boom, but now the inflow is something of a trickle so I need all of you out there to spread the word. Tell your friends, post links where you can, and click on the links in the posts. We're all in it together.

Thanks for sticking around,


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