Wednesday, 11 April 2007

LARS VON TRIER's comedy: The Boss of it All

Another unusual turn from a director who constantly challenges himself and his audience, The Boss of it All (Direktoren for det Hele) is a comedy from Lars Von Trier featuring Jens Albinus and Iben Hjejle, reunited from their earlier work with Von Trier on The Idiots.

The owner of an IT firm wants to sell up. There is just one problem: back when he started the firm he invented a fictitious boss to hide behind when there were unpopular decisions to make.

The would-be buyers insist on negotiating with the boss in the flesh so the owner resorts to employing a down-at-heel actor to play the part.
The film also employs Automavision, a principle for shooting a film and sound recording developed with the intention of limiting human influence by inviting chance and giving the work an "idealess" surface free of the force of habit and aesthetics.

Plus, don't forget to play Lookey...

See the trailer HERE and now HERE.

The official site
Guardian interview 1
Guardian interview 2

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