Saturday, 28 April 2007


Baby Cow Productions are consistently creating great, original comedies. Their first animated effort, I am Not an Animal, written and directed by Peter Baynham(I'm Alan Partridge, Brass Eye, The Day Today) is set deep within the bowels of Vivi-Sec UK where scientist Mike Simmons is conducting an experiment called Project S, the attempt to create talking animals.

Batch 4 (the latest attempt) brings together a horse called Philip Masterson-Bowie, a dog(Winona Matthews), a monkey(Hugh Gape), a mouse(Clare Franchetti), a bird(Mark Andrews), and a cat called Keiron. The series features the voice talents of Steve Coogan, Julia Davis, Amelia Bulmore, Kevin Eldon, Simon Pegg, and Arthur Mathews.

Clips are available via BBC Worldwide on YouTube:

I am Not an Animal is available on DVD.

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LeahLeez said...

Another Baby Cow offering to check out is the World’s first interactive dot.comedy which puts the public in control.

Where Are The Joneses? is an online, interactive, fictional, daily comedy improvised and collaboratively written by the Where Are the Joneses community, which is you – the public!

This innovative comedy nurtures new talent and is quintessentially British with characters which you have no choice but to laugh at. The story centres around Dawn Jones who has just found out that she is the product of a sperm donor and feels her true calling in life is to find her 27 brothers and sisters from the same donor in a comedy road trip across Europe. Dawn Jones is played by Emma Fryer (BBC2’s Love Soup and BBC3’s Ideal with Johnny Vegas). launched this month and has seen scatty Dawn find her first sibling, the neurotic geek Ian Jones. Dawn and Ian can be currently found travelling around Brussels looking for sibling No. 3. Ian Jones is played by Neil Edmond (Channel 4’s Peep Show).

Let me know what you think.

Siouxfire said...

Thank you very much for that, Leah. What I've seen so far is brilliant. Are you working on it?

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