Wednesday, 25 April 2007

THANKS for the LINKS & Support

In the relatively short life of SiouxWIRE, I am eternally grateful for the cooperation of all those have taken part in interviews and those who have so graciously linked to this humble series of eclectic posts.

Thanks to Feed for featuring my artwork in the banner, Roberto at the CG Society for highlighting the upcoming Blackheart interviews, DeK of NoFatClips for the links/inspiration, Thaniel, David, Tyler, Kate, John, Bobby, Gregory, Polly, Scroobius, Thomas, Timothy, Theo, Eduardo, Ree, Markus, Jannes, Ahndraya, Amy, Brent, Eszter, Fred, Katy, King Adz, Monika, Nina, Stefanie, Sylvie and all my friends at MySpace as well as my very understanding family.

EDIT: And just in the last 24 hours, thank you to The Icelandic Love Corporation, Chase Palmer, EB, and Sil for joining in the mayhem. You're all amazing.

Oh yes, and by some quirk, more than half of the visitors to this blog are from France making it the top country in terms of visitors to SiouxWIRE so "Merci de l'appui, mes amis."

I am extremely, EXTREMELY grateful. Thank you. Merci.

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