Sunday, 29 April 2007


Channel Frederator has a brilliant cartoon podcast featuring a wide variety of artists and styles. Most of the content is lighthearted fun, but there is some dramatic work such as The Ballyvaughan Story by Sara Pocock(episode 43).

I've not seen everything yet, but the quality of what I've seen thus far is consistently good though the inclusion of advertising is a little annoying and compares so very, very badly with the content between which it is placed. Indeed, don't let the "What the hell? TOON IN!" below put you off having a look. It's the picture to look at, not the frame.

The images above are samples from the latest, "Episode 77" featuring Deerhoof - Kidz are so Small from Face 3 Media, Libraryhead by David Bazelon, and Predators of the Sprawl: A Staggering Simian by James Buran. See all these animations(episode 77) below:

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