Tuesday, 3 April 2007

RETRO: Hernandez Bros' LOVE & ROCKETS

Brothers Jamie & Gilbert Hernandez' classic comic series Love & Rockets started off in 1981 as a self-published piece with Fantagraphic Books publishing their work the following year. It was planned to be a serial of graphic novels following the same characters for 15 years or more and it's still going strong.

The drawings/line art are very confident, and individual, the storylines are incredibly human and real world despite the "magical realism". For me, the real hook was that this world seemed so familiar and real. Even beautiful characters had some physical "flaw" and "happy" people secrets.

At about the same time as I discovered Love & Rockets, I was reading Deadline magazine which most prominently featured Jamie Hewlett's Tank Girl and her exaggerated characters and world which I also enjoyed, but this made a perfect counterbalance.

A good and fresh interview with Gilbert Hernandez is HERE at The Daily Cross Hatch. Revisit or discover the series. Read more about Love & Rockets:
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