Sunday, 1 April 2007

Lorenzo Fonda's MEGUNICA

Director Lorenzo Fonda(aka Cerberoleso) set out to make a documentary introducing the work of Blu and the project developed into a study of how surroundings and exposure to new things stimulates artistic vision. Crossing Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Argentina, they are documenting their journey with little planning and just a few guides and contacts on their route.

When the film is completed, they plan to release a DVD and book set. The book will feature a reproduction of Blu's diary providing an alternative perspective to the journey. The project is being produced by Mercurio Productions. I'm looking forward to seeing the result of their work. Their blog is a lot of fun.

The official site with blog and a generous amount of images and background information is HERE. Also have a look at Blu and Lorenzo's personal sites which are full of interesting work.

Megunica official site
Blu's official site - Blublu
Lorzeno Fonda's Site

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