Thursday, 5 April 2007

Hal Hartley's FAY GRIM

I tried interviewing Hal Hartley a couple of years ago and though he didn't have the time for an interview, he did very politely explain this and supported my project. With new film Fay Grim, which is billed as a follow up to Hartley's Henry Fool, the story turns its attention to Henry's wife, Fay Grim(Parker Posey reprising her role) who may unwittingly be the key to preserving "national security".

If you're not familiar with Hal Hartley's films, this synopsis might sound pretty pedestrian, but in all the genres he's explored, his vision has remained in tact. A quote from Fay Grim on Hal Hartley's Possible Films site asks, "Why is it whenever anyone starts talking about civilisation I hear the sound of machine guns?" His films are always very human, full of insight, and deadpan humour.

See the trailer HERE.

Possible Films
Hal Hartley Wiki
Fay Grim at Toronto
Henry Fool Trailer
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