Monday, 12 March 2007

ICUMI: The Blackheart Gang's THE TALE OF HOW

ICUMI(In Case You Missed It) - One of the best things I've seen in years. See it HERE in high resolution glory or get a taster below. Still, recommend you watch it as big and loud as possible. Also say hello to the the Blackheart Gang on MySpace - HERE.

The Blackheart Gang are a collaboration between illustrator Lee Treweek(Illustrator/Conceptual artist/motivator), Marcus Wormstorm(writer/musician), Janus (compositor/2D/creative director), and Justine Baker(3D).

The Tale of How is the second in the "DoDo Trilogy" which forms a part of what is known as "The Household"(The universe in which the story is set). Enjoy.

The Blackheart Gang Myspace

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