Friday, 23 March 2007

MICHEL GONDRY's The Science of Sleep B

In France, they've just been priveleged to the release of a 2 dvd set of The Science of Sleep B which is a re-edited version of the film. Released by Gaumont, it includes a "making of"(40 mins), interview, the short If You Rescue Me (Chanson des Chats), the publicity film by Gondry, additional information about the lead characters, and more.

Here's the trailer for the original theatrical cut... (NOTE: I hate this trailer with a vengeance, but it still encouraged me to see the film so here it is. Still, it doesn't do the film justice.)

A fresh 11 minute interview with Michel Gondry and his collaborators is now available HERE (in French) - You can also read a bit more HERE(in English). Some images from the exhibition at the Colette Gallery are in there as well.

Just as a reminder of the genius of Gondry, here's a rare clip of him testing out his Swirl-o-paint-piano-cam on Björk. Genius. "I have to repaint your apartment."

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