Tuesday, 27 March 2007


Terry Gilliam is still fighting the good fight at a time when one might think he has well and truly paid his dues, but it seems at his every turn in the past few years, there's been a new demon waiting to piss on his parade.

Take for example Tideland which was in and out the cinemas with minimal publicity only to recently be released in the wrong format in the US/Canada with Gilliam himself telling North American consumers to boycott the product and import from the UK. It wasn't even submitted for consideration by the Academy last year and Terry only found out when he received his ballot.

You can read more about this at Dreamland who have also published Gilliam's open letters. Aside from the controversy, Terry's comments on Tideland are particularly interesting: "Is a child preparing heroin for her father a child abused... or a loving daughter? Does a child have to wail and weep at the loss of a parent to feel her loss? Is the perceived vulnerability of a child merely a projection of our own fears?"

UPDATE: A selection of Terry's films will be featured at the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival and he'll also received a Career Achievement Gong... which is nice.

Also worth visiting the Tideland official site featuring this shark-squirrel...

And for those who don't recall or never knew, here's a sample of Gilliam's early animation work:

And the trailer for Tideland...

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