Saturday, 31 March 2007

NICK CAVE Interview + Love Song Lectures

For the Vienna Poetry Festival, Nick Cave created a lecture on The Secret Life of the Love Song which is available on CD and a sample can be seen over at This is mentioned briefly in the interview below, but it's a great lecture that deserves attention. It focuses on heavily on words and poetics, giving a lot of insight into Cave's own work. My favourite; he makes a good argument for melancholy in art.

Also, be sure to check out Nick's latest project Grinderman which was released earlier this month.

It's not the most polished of interviews, but the atmosphere is relaxed and a lot of topics are covered. Enjoy.

Pt. 1 - Habits & Routines

Pt. 2 - The Creative Process

Pt. 3 - Love Song Lecture

Pt. 4 - Self Image


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