Friday, 30 March 2007

SIMIAN's "Heineken Greenspace" Short

From director Marius Gronvold of Mondo Collective and Simian a design studio based in Oslo, Norway comes this nice grafitti/CGI clip. See it on Simian's site HERE. There's a string of stills and thumbs; the last animated thumb kicks off the clip.

Director/Panda Design/Photography: Marius Gronvold
Editor: Carl Jurgens
Music: Leo Ones, Tarjei Ekenes Krogh
Sound: Andre Sjoberg
3D Models: Mikael Noguchi
3D animation/compositing: Sigurd Kristiansen
Actor/Skater: Tob Nilsen
Producer/Photography: Stian Brudeseth
Chief Executive Dog: Bono

Found originally on the Wooster Collective.

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