Friday, 25 May 2007

LEE CHANG-DONG's "Secret Sunshine"

South Korean director, Lee Chang-Dong's latest film is a story of faith seen through a young widow, Shin-ae who returns to her late husband's hometown with her young son. She plans to teach piano and after promising beginnings, things take a turn for the worse. Her son is kidnapped and Shin-ae faces a series of tribulations set forth by this turn of events. She must confront fundamental questions of life and faith.

The film has been receiving good reviews and actress Jeon Do-yeon's performance has been highly praised. It sounds reminiscent of Lars Von Trier's work, particularly Breaking the Waves, both in tone and approach.

Here is the trailer: (And be careful about making the jump to the YouTube page, the description gives away practically the entire story)

LunaPark6 review
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Herald Tribune article
Lee Chang-Dong (New York Times)
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Twitch article (source)

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