Sunday, 13 May 2007

Måns Swanberg's "GE-996"

This short from director Måns Swanberg with animation and effects by Pistachios has been doing the rounds since last year and has been featured on Stash 21. Pistachios has recently posted it in Flash format at Dailymotion(see below) with the synopsis, "A journey through the Kosmos, witnessing the implosion of the universe and the birth of a god."

His recent work Curare received quite a lot of attention and I was deliberating whether to post, but as much as I enjoyed the visual style and the illustrations of Tomas Nilsson, I was left wondering why they opted for CG.

See GE-996 below or alternatively visit No Fat Clips! HERE where Dek has posted several downloadable sources. Curare and other works from Måns are available via Pistachios or BlacklistTV.

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