Thursday, 17 May 2007

NICOLE McDONALD's "Una Favola"

This strange short is a little parable about a girl who gets a horse for her birthday and whose neglect leads to tragedy. Curiously, the horse in question is played by a woman in a corset suspended from the ceiling in a harness. See it HERE in Quicktime.

Having seen the short before reading director Nicole McDonald's background, it was a real surprise. Despite the piece being in Italian with subtitles, Nicole was born in Massachusetts and "raised in the hyper-competitive world of junior women's dirt bike racing". The majority of her work is commercial with Una Favola being one of her independent projects.

There are things I like about this piece such as "the stain of guilt", the overall tone of the story, the non sequitor representations, and the colour palette but I can't seem to shake the feeling that the commercial work is creeping into her personal work.

That said, it works for me. It's like a twisted little music box with a dominatrix ballerina. I'm interested to hear your opinions on this one.

EDIT: Here is the low quality, flash version...

Direct download
Nicole McDonald
Shortsville (source)

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