Tuesday, 8 May 2007

SiouxWIRE Supplemental

As something of an experiment, I have now brought online SiouxWIRE Supplemental which features its own forum, video and image galleries, and a feed of the latest from this site. In time, all of the videos throughout the posts here will be ported into the video library on Supplemental.

There will also be content that never made it onto these posts as well as some of my personal work in the image gallery. Some of you may have noticed that I create a lot of the imagery or at least add my personal touch to what you see here. Not quite as iconic as The New Yorker but the style does help tie things together.

If you have any suggestions or feedback in regard to SiouxWIRE or artists you feel should be featured, please post them on the forum of Supplemental and let me know. Things have been moving extremely fast lately so my apologies for any delay in my replies to your messages but rest assured, I always reply.

And once more, thanks to everyone for showing so much support.

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