Wednesday, 2 May 2007


This gem was released some years ago. It's chock full of great character design, solid animation, and a fun if light story. From the French trio of Baptiste Gaubert(Gobi), Benoît Boucher(Bill), and Fabien Mense for Studio Tanuki.

To view the file go HERE and click on the icon that looks like this:

That will start the download. The file is a rmvb file which can be viewed by RealPlayer or alternatively (and this is what I use) Real Alternative media player. Enjoy.

EDIT: Alternatively, here is the low quality, flash version...

The trio continued working together producing the comic, Lucha Libre in collaboration with Jerry Frissen. Alas, it is only in French but you can see some of the rich imagery on the official site HERE or in a feature HERE on Catsuka.

Links: (official site)
Catsuka Lucha Libre article (French)
Lucha Libre vinyl toys
Catsuka - Zblu Cops (Ben & Gobi)
Catsuka Gallery - Fabien
Catsuka Gallery - Bill
Catsuka Gallery - Gobi
Jerry Frissen blog (French)

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