Monday, 21 May 2007

JEROME OLIVIER's - "Missing Pages"

Jerome Olivier's "Missing Pages" first appeared in 2005 though not in its intended form. After having taken a break from production, he was horrified to find the decision had been made to release the existing "preview" version. In time, with the support of a friend, he returned to the project completing the material to his own specifications for presentation on the festival circuit and compilation DVDs.

Among the ingenious features of the short is the fact that it is entirely compiled of animated still images; it's a kind of photoplay with animated elements. The effect is incredibly effective. I rank Jerome's creation alongside The Blackheart Gang's The Tale of How and Aleksandr Petrov's work in terms of innovation. It's approach to narrative is both inspirational and accomplished. And like The Tale of How, it has been achieved within the confines of a low budget while outstripping its high budget contemporaries.

Inspired by Chris Marker's La Jetee, the film tells the tale of Professor Tanokura who invents a time machine leading to some unexpected consequences. See the trailer below or visit the offical site for the recommended Quicktime version. Follow the listed links to view the entire film.

Speaking Pictures
Speaking Pictures - Missing Pages (Parts 1-3)
Speaking Pictures - Jerome Olivier
Jerome Olivier Blog
No Fat Clips - Missing Pages 1
No Fat Clips - Missing Pages 2
No Fat Clips - Missing Pages 3
YouTube Page
Missing Pages (original) site

Be on the lookout for my upcoming interview with Jerome Olivier.

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