Saturday, 26 May 2007

SiouxWIRE Snippets 2.0

In the second of the snippets collections, here are a few more links to articles and posts that lifted their head above the parapet.

Shock and gore
J.G. Ballard, Guardian Unlimited
J.G. Ballard's analysis of Un Chien Andalou

To the Big Bang and Back
Ulrich Woelk, Die Welt / Sign & Sight
"As the Large Hadron Collider at CERN prepares to go into action, astrophysicist and author Ulrich Woelk takes us on a journey to the origin of things"

The Year of the Locked Room
Hester Westley, Tate Etc.
An interesting look back on one of the more radical episodes of British art education.

Shock news: older writers can also be quite good
Miles Johnson, Guardian Unlimited
I never even considered the marketability or age of a writer so this is a rather surprising perspective on publishing.

Gary Kurtz interview
Ken P. /IGN
A fascinating and candid insight into filmmaking.

'Till the Day That I Drop
Dan Kois, The Believer
An in depth defense of Robert Altman's much maligned "Popeye".

The Ninth Art
Abi Bliss, BBC Collective
The strange relationship between "fine" art and comics.

The source we drink from

Olga Martynova, Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Sign and Sight
Oberiu (the "Association of Real Art") - Who were the Oberiuts?

On the importation of culture
Alex Cox, personal webpage
Filmmaker Alex Cox ruminates on the link between Liverpool and Corinto, Nicaragua

"Cinema Studies"
J.M. Colberg, Conscientious
Joerg wonders why some can't accept photographs to be photographs.
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