Friday, 18 May 2007

SiouxWIRE Snippets

I've decided to start a regular post of articles that have caught my eye. It should be noted that I don't always agree with the central message of these snippets, but they have unanimously made me think for at least the duration of a couple coffees and cigarettes.

Lunar Light
Karen E. Steen, MetropolisMag
Harnessing the light of the moon to transform
urban spaces

Vanishing Point: The Last Days of Film
Wheeler Winston Dixon, Senses of Cinema
Cinema's move from celluloid to digital

Freedom of Expression?? Telling the truth??
Rebekka Gudleifsdóttir, personal blog
Some background to the story of Yahoo censorship on Flickr - Read HERE(BBC)

The museum of 2007 is an atrocity exhibition
Maev Kennedy, Guardian Unlimited
High brow vs. Low brow? Or just plain idiocy? Commentary on the Museum of 2007.

The Saga of Todd Goldman
Amid Amidi, Cartoon Brew
How multi-millionaire Todd Goldman accidentally steals artists' work

Remove the price tags and take your pick
John Windsow, Guardian Unlimited
Is there a link between a painting's artistic merit and its market value?

If you treat artists like entertainers...
Joerg Colberg, Conscientious
Another great observation from Joerg.

Laissez-Faire Aesthetics: What money is doing to art, or how the art world lost its mind
Jed Perl, The New Republic magazine

The Monster is Afraid: The Elephant Man, David Lynch
Serge Daney, Cinema Scope

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