Tuesday, 29 April 2008

SiouxWIRE Snippets 7

Museums should beware of being used as marketing tools
Adrian Ellis, The Art Newspaper

Making a bloody mess of the art world
Jessica Lack, Guardian Unlimited

The end of an artist-gallery relationship, from both sides
Edward Winkleman, edward_winkleman

Pocket Pads
Lenora Chu, MetropolisMag.com
"­As concerns about the environment grow, a few architects are betting that buyers will want radically smaller homes."

The Countertraffickers

William Finnegan, The New Yorker
"Stella Rotaru is a repatriation specialist. Her main task is bringing lost Moldovans home. Nearly all her clients are victims of human trafficking, most of them women sold into prostitution abroad…"

Mind Your Business: You Will Lose All the Rights to Your Own Art
Mark Simon, Animation World Network
Found via Mrs. Deane, the new orphan art legislation seems to be putting the onus of copyright on the artist's shoulders; and beware Corbis and Getty...

W.H. Auden: The Art of Poetry No. 17
Michael Newman, The Paris Review
Brilliant interview with W.H. Auden.

Do Schools Today Kill Creativity? -
Sir Ken Robinson, TED
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